Simple and intuitive

For you AND your clients

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For your clients

It only takes 1 minute and 2 easy steps:

  1. Download the app
  2. Open it and scan the QR code on the table

That’s it! Now they can see the menu, call a waiter, or ask for the check.

For the staff

Every time a client needs something, one or more of the staff is notified.

You can get any info about open orders, requests from clients, and status updates, directly on your phone, with unlimited connected devices at no extra cost.

What about ordering?

Take safety and quality one step further by allowing your clients to order from their personal devices.

Not only does this speed up operations, by cutting down on the time a waiter spends taking orders and walking back and forth, but it’s also a safe and modern experience.

This is how a typical flow looks like:

  1. A client adds items to his or her cart and places the order.
  2. The staff member responsible is notified and approve the order before it moves forward.
  3. If you’re already working with one of our partner POS providers, the order is automatically passed to the existing system and to the appropriate departments.
  4. The client can ask for the check, mentioning the payment method.
  5. A staff member receives the payment, confirms the table is closed.
  6. If present, we notify our partner system of payment and they handle this accordingly.

Check out our partners

Nom Nom offers the best results when integrated with your existing POS system. We are constantly working on integrating with new systems, so if you want Nom Nom, but can’t find your system in our partner list, or are not sure, contact us and we will try to accommodate your request.